“All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space”.
– Philip Johnson

“Design becomes less the act of showing than of revealing – that of the details of space and its assembly, of production, of weaknesses and strengths of materials, and the character of elemental finish… . People age, as do materials and buildings: I am predisposed not merely to make their transition as gracious and dignified as possible, but to reengage them in ways I never realised were possible.”
– Kevin Mark Low

Space is a constantly evolving based on changes in the lives of people using it. I consider architecture to be about the experience, memories and feelings that a space creates and evokes within the inhabitants. If a space is the cause of these emotions to be generated for an individual, it has served its purpose. Every project is special irrespective of size and budget and every site has its own unique set of wants, needs and restrictions which become opportunities for me to create solutions in the form of the built environment.

What I would like to propose through my work is a play on Critical Regionalism, By reconciliation of the local/traditional and the global/modern language of architecture, I aim to contextualise the best of the area for the world!

From The understanding of Form and Structure, to the equally important use of material, all I hope is that my work evokes the strongest of feeling and connection with those experiencing it.

Global Exposure





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