The joy of building something like this by hand and seeing it complete in front of me has been something I have been dreaming of constantly for the past few months. My first solo Joinery project let me venture into something I had, so far, been only used to designing on paper. Building it from scratch taught me the intricacies, detailing and facets of

woodworking that go into producing quality fine furniture. This was literally me bringing my drawings to life.

I would like to thank Randall Kohn and Isabel from the Victorian Woodworking Association for helping me embark on this design journey and patiently teaching me various skills to turn this dream of mine into a reality. Also the entire team At Fab9 – Hans, Sam, Michelle, Riley, Jack, Mogan, Christina, Bolaji, Kevin, Vinson and Bernado who all played a role in bringing this project to completion. I could not have finished this without their guidance.

I have named this project ‘The Learning Curve’ as that was literally what it was for me. From having limited knowledge of wood and how intricately fine furniture pieces are assembled to building my first piece. Every step has been a tutorial and skill I have learnt for the future. I hope this is just the beginning with more designs and collaborations coming my way.

The two types of wood I have used for this build are American White Oak and Mahogany Utile. The finish is 2 coats of Osmo – Satin Oil. The top and internal shelf have inserts of Cortisone Oak with Medullary Rays. My main objective of this build was to bring out the contrast between these 2 woods as they have very different properties and features.

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