It does not take much to divide a community, but what takes effort is rebuilding or building up the community from scratch and making it thrive. Communities are built on the foundations of ease of interaction, common interests, festivity and trust. Fostering moments to help develop or incite these emotions in people would help them form an holistic healthy living environment, no matter what nationality, background or gender they belong to. Letting a person expose their talents in a semi-controlled environment to the rest of society would make people curious, and it is human tendency to want to know more. Learning from my hometown of Mumbai, the duality structures may possess and how chance interactions are some of the best, and lasting ones we have is something I want to set out to achieve through this project.

Taking aspects of Calm from Melbourne and Coordinated Chaos from Mumbai I have tried to provide functions to structures above the heritage magazines, to attract the immediate and distant community to come together and use the spaces within for various purposes. This fosters a sense of community and belonging within the people.

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