This home reflects my upbringing is a way where I had almost 3 sets of parents, 2 of which were grander than the other. The Inputs, Stories, food and love I have received from every single one of them is something I will cherish for as long as I live.

I wanted to create a home which can become a family heirloom of sorts and can be passed down from generation to generation with pride. The house will age gracefully and mature just like the family living within. The materials will age and develop character as the years go by.

I have reversed the idea of a granny flat and placed the grandparents living quarters at the front of the site to make it easier for them to access. Between that and the common Living, Dining and Kitchen area there is an informal seating area that acts as a space where short term visitors can be entertained. The common living area becomes a focal point for all family activity and to entertain guests. Moving further is the kid’s area, Bedrooms, indoor and outdoor play area, and bathroom.

This layout ensures that every generation of the family has their own private space but when they do need to come together it is more than convenient. The path through the house also ensures that they do pass by each other for sure at some point of the day, this ensures and reinforces the bond that holds the family together.

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