I have named the Project Gurugram as It means the Home or village of the Master. It is an environment so developed that it exhibits the teacher’s lifestyle, inculcates values and evokes the want to learn within the students. Concept design development, Breaking up the brief by hierarchy of privacy – introducing intermediary green spaces, and then giving each space a function.

The site is located on the corner of Clark street and Graham street in Port Melbourne. The house is designed to be a ‘Work.live.play’ environment for the residents. It is designed such that it gives them a sense of ownership and catered to their specific needs. I firmly believe that each house is a detailed expression and indication of who a person is. Shows intricately their likes and dislikes and also immense character.

The House is split up according to hierarchy of usage. The most public space which is the fitness studio is in the basement, followed by the living room and the kitchen on the first level and the bedrooms on the second level. This maintains the privacy of the people occupying the house at the various times but there is opportunity to maintain filtered visual connection through the light well/atrium in the center of the house.

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