The Yarra has been the site of decisive moments in Melbourne’s (and thus our collective) history, as residents of this sprawling city. We see the results of human intervention in its murky waters, and appreciate its presence and vistas in relation to the city, most often from afar. The middle of the river is unattainable to a pedestrian. In an attempt to give people the chance to engage with this elusive space, our architectural intervention will bring people onto the river surface, to allow for engagement with the elements. The boundaries of the Yarra are transcended by the modules, taking people out onto the water, while the overall form of the network is guided by its flow.

Constantly changing by the second in response to the flow of the river, wind and the amount of people. We envision them to link to the banks of the Yarra as a floating walkway, but they can also be released to flow freely as required to allow for boat access.

That act both as transitional as well as informal performance spaces, both public and private depending on the combination of users.

HUDCO 2012

The brief given to us by HUDCO this year was ‘Slum Rehabilitation’. In this we had to choose and justify a site in our own city and design a suitable slum rehabilitation accommodation which would be developed in phases and whose construction cost will be minimal or be made up by the sale of the creation of units in the area.

We designed based on these guidelines and managed to come up with a self sustaining commercial cum residential solution so that small scale industries that the slum dwellers practiced would be given  priority so that they could maintain and improve their standard of living. Sale components were also developed in phases so as to make up for the cost of this entire project.

HUDCO 2014

The brief given to us this year by HUDCO was based on a new scheme developed by the government for its own officials, known as the ‘Rent To Own Scheme’. According to this a government official take a slight salary cut every month over a period of approximately 5 to 10 years and legally buys the flat that he had been allotted to him by the government during his official duty.

We designed this not focusing on one single section of government employees but taking common considerations for all, because without even one of those sections our society could crumble. We intended to provide them with affordable  well constructed homes that they could cherish not only during their tenure but also for a lifetime.

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