An athlete is not built on luck, but on pure skill and determination. A lot of hard work and hours are put in to reach a peak where one can compete on a national or international level. India has the talent but sometimes lacks the infrastructure or support needed for a determined child to fully develop into an athlete who can challenge the world. Education is always given a priority over sport.

I have seen this happen first hand. This was my motivation for my Bachelors thesis. I wanted to create a facility for beaming young athletes to reach their potential while maintaining a balance of education and training.

This facility is meant to be located in a city called Pune, which is 200km away from Mumbai. Pune is an education-centric city and has a variety of top ranked colleges. The project includes training grounds, stadiums, gyms, hostel facilities, sport related education courses and a sports club. It fosters a holistic environment where a student/athlete can live, train and study, all with ease and convenience and with the least amount of time wasted.

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