Atherton Gardens, like many other public housing estates, has experienced some of the problems that the social planners had hoped to eradicate. Many who still live there suffer social disadvantages: poverty, unemployment and illness. Despite this, Atherton Gardens became a cherished home for many.

I designed the space such that the greater community would effectively benefit from the new space provided, by making the residents feel wanted and comfortable in the society and initiate intermingling on a greater scale with the residents of that area.

It is very essential that interaction happens between everyone in society, that is the quickest way to eliminate the pre-conceived notions that we may have about any certain groups or people. When a project is termed as government housing it has the tag that the people who live there will apparently not be in a good financial, social or medical situation. To change this  and to make life easier as well for people from all walks of life we must find a way to help the weak, only then will we all grow stronger together

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