The Unaligned Pair

I have named this project ‘The Unaligned Pair’ due to the design manifested on the top of the side tables, and how I saw this piece come together. These prototypes are the first I have made out of the remaining wood I had left over from my previous project. The two types of wood I have used for this build are American White Oak and Mahogany Utile. The finish is two coats of Osmo – Satin Oil. The top have inserts of Cortisone Oak with Medullary Rays in the middle and flanked on the 2 sides with Mahogany Utile.

In this piece I wanted to focus on how these two woods could actually come together as a single surface and react to different methods of sanding and cutting to obtain the curved joints. Each did come with its own pros and cons but overall, these prototypes, were a great learning experience on how to make this happen. The second focus of mine was on the leg detail and how that connection would be made to the top slab. I decided to disjoin that from the main top slab and alter the way the leg starts at the top and then taper down to a circle at the ground.

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